Food just like mom used to make

provided your mom is from Beijing.

The brother and sister owners of the Hutong Cafe grew up in Beijing. Their love of food began in the steaming carts of local vendors found in the narrow pathways of their hutong. Whether it was a quick dinner of spicy kung-pao chicken or a shao bing sandwich on the way home from school, they could satisfy every appetite within the walls of their hutong.

They learned to cook from their family, honing their craft in their grandmother's kitchen. The plates and serving bowls didn't always match, but the food was always delicious and the atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable.
"I remember my hutong always smelled like food. Always. No matter what time of day, somebody was making something that smelled delicious, somewhere. My friends and I would track the smells and try to get the shop owners to give us free tastes. There are smells and flavors in my own kitchen that immediately take me back to my hutong."
"Food is a large part of Chinese culture. Recipes are like an expression of family and community. Our food is a celebration of flavor and our family history."